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This document is meant only as a guideline.

Each event will have special needs so keep this in mind for you group.

Once you have booked the speaker(s) for your meeting, get started on your pre-event planning by determining the following:

Acquire the Pre-Program Questionnaire and fill it out as thoroughly as necessary. Get a copy of the speakers’ introduction for the program – note some speakers use different introductions for different programs.


  • The session date,
  • Session time, and
  • session room
  • Make sure the onsite team and the speaker have it in writing.

Secure the:

  • Travel arrangements
    Hotel arrival/departure
    Number of nights
    Hotel confirmation #
    Confirm hotel for late arrival

Their audio and visual requirements:

Sound equipment:
Microphone(s) handheld or lavaliere? Wired or wireless? Microphone with stand?

* Projection and video equipment:

  • LCD projector
  • Screen specify size (usually based on audience size and room design)
  • 1 / 2 inch VHS player with monitor
  • 1 / 2 inch VHS player with screen ___ other format, please specify 3 / 4 inch, Digital, Beta etc.
  • Slide projector with remote and screen
  • Overhead projector with screen

Additional equipment:

  • Blackboard with chalk (specify colors)
  • Easel(s)
  • Flipchart With markers (specify colors

Laser pointer

  • Tables
  • Internet access

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